Your favorite movies will come to life on the iPhone 8 screen -


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Sunday, 30 July 2017

Your favorite movies will come to life on the iPhone 8 screen

For many years, we have been anchored in a resolution that seemed to be appropriate for all our needs. Apple made us believe that its Retina HD screen was the best on the market, and although in some respects may be true, iPhone users are missing out on a whole world of possibilities for Apple's stupidity . To be exact, we are not able to enjoy the resolution that is currently postulated to be the standard in terms of audiovisual content of all kinds.

I speak of Ultra HD, which is already taking the main streaming services, and is about to jump to iTunes. That's right, a new quality is at the doorstep of the Apple service as some users have already checked. And, of course, we will need new devices to take advantage of this technology as it really deserves . That's where the new iPhone comes in and, of course, the new Apple TV that the company is preparing for the coming months. Two perfect devices to enjoy the best contents.

The OLED screen of the future iPhone 8 will make Ultra HD movies shine like never before

The origin of all this is given in the iTunes application itself. Some users have reported that certain movies from their purchase history, including productions like Passengers, have begun to appear as movies with option to resolution 4K HDR . For now there is no way to download this content, and even if there was, it is likely that no device could play the file for now. However, this is a very good sign for those who were waiting for the arrival of this option, among which I include.

And the 4K UHD, especially with HDR, is a really significant jump in quality with respect to Full HD . And if we can reproduce it on a screen like the one that will have the iPhone 8, then the change is even greater. Personally, I can not wait to enjoy the best movies and videos with this resolution. And if you have already had the pleasure of enjoying them on a good 4K panel, you may not either.

Source | MacRumors

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