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Sunday, 9 July 2017

Your music without distractions with Spotify's driving mode

At the wheel, any distraction should be eliminated. Nothing can be more important than keeping all our senses on the road , and that is something that is very clear in technology companies. And, until the moment when autonomous vehicles begin to proliferate, they are completely under our control, with the responsibility that implies in a terrain where we are not alone .

To try to avoid these distractions, the developers have been implementing a number of control systems specially designed for the car since a few years ago . These allow, by means of voice commands or other simple methods, the absolute handling of all functions that do not harm the driver. Until now, such initiatives were more typical of the big manufacturers, but companies like Spotify also want to play their part .

Spotify does not want to interfere in driving in any way

In this case, it has not yet become completely official by the company, but some users have already begun to notice changes in their apps that enable a new mode of driving Spotify. This new function gives users the possibility of accessing a menu designed so that the driver has all his favorite songs at hand with large icons, and voice control enabled.

As we have said, this function has not yet been officially announced, and from what has been seen in the images provided by a Reddit user, is still in beta . Of course, regardless of whether it's a matter of weeks or months, it's important that Spotify implement something like this in your app, as it will probably help other developers take the plunge.

And you, do you use these modes at the wheel?

Via | Mashable

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