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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Yudonpay, an app to manage your loyalty cards on your iPhone

Are you tired of filling your wallet of cards? Do you ever find the loyalty card when they ask for it in the supermarket? Do you want to make the most of all the points and offers on your cards? Would you like to get free a couple of movie tickets? We have the solution.

Yudonpay is a new iPhone application that allows users to manage all their loyalty cards in one place in an efficient and convenient way.

The app is now available on the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store on Android , it's free and offers support for cards from companies like Carrefour, Eroski, Day, Renfe, Game, Vips, FNAC, Iberia and many more.

How does Yudonpay work?

Knowing all the advantages, all the promotions and all the products of the catalog of a specific loyalty program is very complicated. And even more if you have several loyalty cards from different supermarkets, cinemas, gas stations, etc. Therefore, Yudonpay makes things easier for us when it comes to discovering all the advantages of each loyalty card.

The operation of Yudonpay is super simple and its user interface of the application is very intuitive. The only thing you need to do as a user is to add your cards and enjoy a simple and customizable management . In addition, Yudonpay allows you to add cards via bar code or QR code, easier than impossible.

How to use Yudonpay

1. Look for the club of your loyalty card in the list.

2. Scan the barcode, QR code, Bidi or enter the data manually.

3. Type the access credentials for the card.

4. Enjoy all the information about points, discounts and promotions of each and every one of your loyalty cards.

Currently, Yudonpay allows adding loyalty cards of more than 180 companies and entities operating in Spain and globally . Yudonpay provides real-time data of 80 clubs informing about the expiration of the offers and the available points of each card.

Yudonpay also offers users the possibility to save money in a smart way thanks to the management of the different loyalty cards and their respective points programs. The application highlights the best of each card: promotions, discounts, offers, coupons, location geolocation ...

In future updates the application will offer many more content, based on the idea of ​​providing a marketplace from which users will have the possibility to know new catalogs, products and promotions of other loyalty programs . You can get more information in #hastadhere you want to reach or #quest you via Twitter.

Download Yudonpay for iPhone

Yudonpay is an application compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Requires iOS 9.0 and, as previously mentioned, is free:

 Yudonpay - Tarjetas de fidelización y promociones
Yudonpay - Tarjetas de fidelización y promociones

Download Yudonpay for Android

The Yudonpay app is also available in the Google Play Android store completely free of charge. You can get it from the following link:

Download Yudonpay

Yudonpay is an ideal option to definitively forget the wallets and get all the information we need on the iPhone or our Android smartphone. It's the perfect solution!

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