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Sunday, 6 August 2017

10 Great HomeKit Accessories for your iPhone and iPad

Apple continues to put a lot of effort into enhancing the use of the HomeKit platform among its users. Following the launch of iOS 10 the company included a new application called Home from which it is possible to administer HomeKit accessories more efficiently.

HomeKit accessories offer the possibility of converting the iPhone (and iPad) into a remote control from which users can perform tasks as useful as turning on room lights, regulating the intensity of illumination, obtaining information about the Current temperature, and even view images of security cameras.

Increasingly, the home automation accessories facilitate our daily tasks. That is why, today in iPadizate, we recommend a great selection with 10 fabulous HomeKit accessories for iPhone and iPad. Shall we begin?

HomeKit Accessories for iPhone and iPad

E27 lamp holder

This great accessory of the company Koogeek offers the possibility to connect any compatible light bulb to control its on and off via Wi-Fi through the iPhone, from the scenes of the Home app, the app Koogeek Home or directly with Siri. In fact, it even allows scheduling schedules and setting timers .

LED Wi-Fi Bulb

This adjustable LED bulb is the ideal HomeKit accessory to accompany the lampholder we have previously recommended. It offers up to 16 million different colors to choose from and also allows you to configure your schedules.

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Wireless smart plug

No, this is not a normal plug, we are talking about a smart plug with which you can set up times to switch on and / or off the appliances in your house. Ideal for turning off the TV or air conditioning at night while you sleep!

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Smart thermostat ecobee3

This useful accessory of HomeKit has built-in sensors capable of measuring the temperature outside the house and obtain information of other interesting data to regulate the temperature and improve your comfort at home.

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OneLink Gloco Monitor

HomeKit's OneLink Gloco accessory monitors temperature, humidity, and carbon monoxide levels. It is specially designed for babies room.

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Philips Hue Go

Philips Hue Go is one of the most popular HomeKit compatible accessories in the world of technology. It is a smart lamp of modern design that can be controlled from the iPhone and change its color tonality.

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Philips Hue Lightstrip

This is a kit of flexible LED strips with fluorescent lights ideal to place behind the TV, on a desk or behind the monitor of your PC.

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Philips Hue Switch

An accessory that works as a smart wireless switch with dimmer and an adhesive strip to place where you want.

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Withings Home

We've talked about this useful HomeKit accessory for iPhone and iPad. It is a security camera with a fabulous design that will allow you to access your images in real time from iOS . It even has night vision and monitors air quality!

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Control Singlecue Gesture

Finally we recommend this incredible accessory to control the TV through gestures in the air. It has a range of 5 meters and a frequency of 2,400 million Hz. Brutal.

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And here ends our collection of accessories today. We hope you have enjoyed these technology gadgets with HomeKit support for iPhone and iPad.

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