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Monday, 14 August 2017

4 ways Apple has changed the world (and technology)

Apple is a successful company and not only to be in the lead in device sales, of which it is a leader , but to have introduced certain changes in everyday lives and in the world of technology in general. Today we take a look at how Californians have gradually transformed our world .

App Store

Apple first launched the App Store in 2008, and when it first opened, it only received about 500 applications from major third-party developers. In a press release issued on July 14 of that year, Apple called the mobile market "revolutionary" and "innovative." And, surprisingly, it is not an exaggeration in the least. 9 years later we have half a million applications available .

IPod and iTunes

The iPod marked the return of Apple to the forefront of the technology industry. Suddenly, Apple had an extremely popular luxury music device and set the stage for them to switch from being an electronics manufacturer to a consumer products giant. But more than that, the iPod marked more than a change for the company. It transformed the music industry as a whole .

Part of that was iTunes, which opened when the entire record industry was on the verge of chaos due to the prevalence of illegal downloads. ITunes gave artists and labels a new model for selling music, and its deep integration with the iPod helped boost its popularity as a music platform. While streaming may be beating iTunes as the most dominant way to listen to music, it is still important to recognize Apple's place in music history .

The mac

The Mac, then known as Macintosh, was released in 1984. And shook the entire computer industry. That is largely because the Macintosh was the first personal computer with a GUI or GUI, and also introduced external interface devices such as the mouse. Basically everything we use to interact with today's modern computers.

The Macintosh consolidated its importance in the minds of consumers. It brought ease of use and simplicity to a new generation of users, and helped democratize computing in general, allowing personal computers to become a common accessory in people's homes . We have come a long way since then, but it was the first time that Apple gained the reputationThe Iphone

Mobiles are an almost essential facet of our daily lives, and have definitely changed the way we live. And while the mobile revolution certainly had a lot of involved players involved, in 2007 it struck a brutal knock at the table with its iPhone . The iPhone, like the Macintosh before, made all the essential features of a modern, simple, trouble-free and infallible handset were embodied in that device. There may not have been more revolutionary invention for Apple than this. of attracting an entire industry into the future.

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