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Thursday, 3 August 2017

6 FREE iPhone apps for a limited time

Everyone loves apps ...! And much more so if they are free!

Today, in CP, we recommend a series of applications totally free for a limited time . This is an exclusive offer from the App Store that could expire in the next few days ... So download the apps as soon as you can!

Below we explain in detail the operation and thematic of each of these applications of offer of the App Store of iOS for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch .

Star Rover

Star Rover is an application specially designed for lovers of astronomy. Simply open the app, point to the sky, and it will show you exactly where you are and what constellations there are.

Compound Interest Calc

Compound Interest Calc is an application that works as a calculator and allows you to know different types of interests with all kinds of additional benefits.

Best Essential Oils and Aromatherapy Guide Pro

This application offers a very complete guide on the use of anti-inflammatory oils, for allergies, for anxiety, aphrodisiacs ... A wonderful way to lead a healthier life.

Blockr - Stop Ads once for all

Blockr is an application for iPhone and iPad that allows users to block advertising and web page ads in Safari. Take advantage of free limited time, because there are not many free ad blockers in the App Store.

ToDo Calendar: To Do List

ToDo Calendar will be your ideal application if you like to do lists of tasks to organize and better plan your daily tasks. A very intuitive and easy to use app. Highly recommend!

Flowers Paintings for Roses

To conclude with this collection of applications for free for a limited time, we recommend this fun application to paint flowers.

This has been our selection of free applications for limited time of the iOS App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Take advantage and download those apps that you like before the end of the offer!

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