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Wednesday, 30 August 2017

6 Things We Do not Like About The iPhone 8

According to rumors, today exactly 2 weeks would be missing for the official presentation of the iPhone 8, a unique event that would take place at the Apple Jobs Steve Jobs Theater being finalized in Cupertino.

Although the expectation towards the next Apple flagship seems to have reached stratospheric dimensions and with reason, the reality is that some of the details that we are knowing about the iPhone special edition tenth anniversary leave us somewhat disappointed , although we always have faith that the presentation banish all our fears.

Wireless charging

Yes, on the paper you can load your terminal without cables is a real wonder that makes switching terminal worthwhile. But let's hope that Apple implements something better than we have heard, because for now everything points to it will come apart and later , but that will also be much slower than the current technology allows .

And it is that, it has to be fantastic to charge your iPhone without using cables , simply leaving it on the charging dock. That is, you can continue to use it, but if you are in front of the dock or you take the set over. Basically, the same thing happens with the traditional charger.

No jack connection

A great advantage of wireless charging is that by not using cables, it leaves ports free, so you could connect your headphones to the jack connection and listen to music without problem ... except for a problem, the iPhone 8 will not have jack . Although good, with a lightning adapter if you could do it.

However, with the iPhone 7 Apple said goodbye to this connection and seems a way of no return.

The glass housing

A direct consequence of the inductive wireless charge will be the case made of glass , something that Apple did not do since the iPhone 4s and that will give the terminal a different look, very elegant.

However, there is no doubt that it will be more fragile than if it were metal in the face of falls . In addition, it is much easier to leave traces and stains on the glass than on the aluminum to which we are accustomed.

The dual vertical camera

Do not get us wrong, the dual vertical camera itself delights us, but the renders and prototypes we have seen give the impression that they stand out a lot from the back , which worries us in the sense of being able to damage the lenses by friction when supporting the iPhone 8 on its back.

The strange shape of the screen

Although it is undeniable that the front of the iPhone 8 will be virtually all screen as the current trend mark, we could not avoid seeing those cuts in the upper area to integrate the front camera and 3D sensor .

As a result, the screen has two strange corners where in theory traditional status bar icons such as time, operator or Wi-Fi will be placed. On the one hand, the image is not too clean. On the other hand, it will be necessary to see how they manage this particularity the developers of third-party apps .

The price

What we are going to say that you have not heard in the last months in this sense. Although the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has opened the closure of smartphones of more than a thousand euros , the design of the iPhone 8, its materials, wireless charging, facial recognition, augmented reality ... are many news and these have a price that already we know that it will most likely be 4 figures.

So yes, the iPhone 8 will be great but it will cost us a kidney. Is it worth the investment? We do not know, but it will cause many to think twice.

Via | Mashable

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