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Monday, 21 August 2017

7 reasons that will make you want to install iOS 11 on your iPhone and iPad

Apple is about to release the final version of iOS 11 for iPhone and iPad, purportedly during the month of September with the launch of iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus and iPhone 8.

The new software, which was unveiled in June, is now available and in beta. It includes a lot of news, and then we tell you those functions that will be worth installing iOS 11 on your device.

The iOS 11 update is exciting, it brings really important features. From the implementation of a much more customizable Control Center to an option to record the iPhone screen , to a more functional Dock and more.

Payments between people with Apple Pay 

Apple's mobile payment system will allow users to make and receive payments via Apple Pay through the native iOS 11 messaging application itself . This function is biometric-safe.

Most customizable Control Center 

We asked for it, and Apple gave it to us. The iOS 11 Control Center will finally offer the possibility to replace those buttons that users want . There we go, mobile data! In addition, its user interface has been redesigned, occupies the entire screen and is better organized.

Do not disturb the steering wheel 

 Apple has also introduced iOS 11 a feature to improve road safety . This is a Do Not Disturb mode for drivers. It will mute all notifications and offer an option to send an automatic reply message.

More features in iMessage

 The native Apple Messaging app has also received some new features in iOS 11. It will sync all your content across all devices and has a new toolbar for emojis, stickers and other applications .

Drag and drop 

One of the most important features of iOS 11 is the ability to drag and drop items such as text, images, videos and documents between different applications.

A redesigned App Store 

 For the second time in iOS history, Apple has revamped the user interface of the App Store . And it's a big change. His style, with iOS 11, will be more similar to Apple News or the Health app.

Augmented reality 

 Finally, we recommend installing iOS 11 because your internal system will have support with augmented reality , and there will be fascinating applications that take advantage of it.

Via | The Telegraph

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