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Thursday, 10 August 2017

7 tricks to speed up the battery charge of your iPhone

We recently informed you about how you could make your iPhone battery charge much faster by enabling Airplane Mode on your handset. But there are many more tricks that can speed up the charging of your device's battery ...

With the busy life we ​​have in these days, it is very difficult to always have the iPhone battery fully charged. You may have to leave home in 15 minutes and your iPhone battery has a 10% percentage. It is true that there are external battery accessories , but not everyone usually uses them. How to charge your battery at a higher speed?

It is possible that you do not reach a percentage of 100% in the battery of your iPhone, but thanks to these 7 tricks that we recommend you can accelerate the process of loading the terminal.

1. Activate the Airplane Mode

It is the most popular choice among iOS users. If you activate Airplane Mode your iPhone will stop constantly searching for Wi-Fi and mobile data connectivity signals , so your battery will be charged much faster.

2. Turn off the iPhone

Is there anything better than activating the Airplane Mode to accelerate the process of charging the battery? Yes, turn off the terminal completely. This way your iPhone will stop using energy and the entire charge of energy will go directly to your battery.

3. Activate Airplane Mode and Low Power Mode

Another way to speed up the battery charge is by activating Airplane Mode (disable connectivity) and activating the Low Power Mode (disabling background updates and other functions). Try it, it works!

4. Remove the cover

Another small detail to take into account when charging your iPhone, if you need to charge the maximum amount of battery in the shortest possible time, is to remove the case. This way you will get it to not overheat so it will charge more effectively.

5. Use a charger for iPad

Apple claims that it is completely safe to use an iPad USB adapter to charge an iPhone . The iPad charger employs 5'1 volts, 2'1 amps and 12 watts of power, slightly higher than the charger features of the iPhone.

6. Use the USB port of a PC

It is clear that plugging the iPhone to a PC, a Mac or a laptop is not the fastest way to charge the device's battery, but by connecting via USB you can have a great alternative if you do not have the charger at hand. Lack of bread ...!

7. Maintaining good battery life

Keeping your iPhone battery in good condition will allow you to extend the life of the iPhone and, of course, speed up the charging process. To do this, you will have to let the battery run out once a month and try to charge the terminal from about 15% to about 75% . It is also advisable to achieve 100% a couple of times a month to improve the calibration of the battery.

Via | CBS News

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