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Thursday, 10 August 2017

7 wonderful iOS 11 functions for students

The iOS 11 version of the software belonging to the mobile operating system of iPhone and iPad will provide users with a lot of new features and features.

Among the most interesting functions, we have come across a series of novelties closely related to the study . So we have decided to share a list with the most useful benefits for students and university students.

If you are a student, thanks to iOS 11 your iPad will become a much more complete tool when studying, taking notes, finding information and working on your projects .

All new iOS 11 for students


The iOS 11 iPad Dock will make it much easier to find your favorite apps, your recently used apps, and your project files. In addition, it will also be very useful when working with multitasking on your device.

Key features of the new iOS 11 Dock

1. Keep your finger pressed on the icon of an app.

2. Drag up to 13 application icons to the Dock to add them.

3. Slide your finger up from the bottom to activate the Dock.

4. Drag an application icon from the Dock to the side to activate multitasking.


The new iOS 11 Archives application will enable students to better organize, manage and plan all project documents . It will provide an ideal way to scan all files.

App Switcher

The App Switcher system (the user interface for switching applications) will now accompany the Dock and the Control Center. In fact, you will remember the combinations of applications you have been using previously , so it is another very useful innovation for students.

Apple Pencil

The Apple Pencil from Apple's bite company will also take full advantage of iOS 11's new features, making it the ideal companion for any student .

Instant notes

Tap with the Apple Pencil on the iPad lock screen and a new note will open in the Notes native application.

Instant dialing

Now, iOS 11 users will be able to sign class documents, take notes in PDF files or sketch a project in a screenshot .

Drawings attached

The drawings will also work differently in the Notes application, they can be inserted along with the text in both Notes and Mail.

Freehand text search

You can write freehand with your finger or with the Apple Pencil, it was available for some time, but now you can also search for words in freehand text. Very useful!

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