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Thursday, 31 August 2017

8 crazy ideas for the iPhone 8 that were rejected

Can you feel that tingling in the air? That is not the chilling reminder that climate change is real or that it will start afresh. No, that cold breeze of excitement that tickles your perineum is the cool freshness of a new iPhone . September 12 is close to us and that means Tim Cook will get up on stage and announce three new iPhones. The iPhone 7S, iPhone 7S Plus and, of course, the crowning jewel of a decade of the iPhone, the iPhone 8.

So how will the new Apple iPhone 8? Leaks and rumors, to this point, suggest that it will look like a phone . However, it may have been an early point in the design process in which Apple was willing to at least brainstorm truly innovative and completely change the rules of the game.

Do you know my friend Paco who sells electronic gadgets from the back of his van in the Carrefour parking lot? Well, his cousin Pepe shares flat in Móstoles with three other people and one of those people is Julián. Julián works in the implementation of an application that uses artificial intelligence facial recognition to recommend the best shaving cream. He co-founded the startup with Stephen. Esteban used to work in the maintenance staff at the super-secret Apple product design lab and in the trash overnight, he found this:

I wrote down each picture on the scanner. Could "Jon" represent Apple's design director, Jony Ive? Probably I mean, every great idea springs from at least eight terrible.

  •     A round iPhone. It is possible that a future iteration may be a disk phone. The Frisbee players are excited.
  •     A hand phone. Have you ever seen the Total Recall remake? Like that, but they are not terrible.
  •     A public telephone? Do not.
  •     An iPhone for the eye. Eins?
  •     An avocado phone. Millennials do not need homes anyway .
  •     Phone Homepod. It seems like a good cross-marketing opportunity to integrate iPhone with Homepod if you never leave home.
  •     Phone number. Because who does not want his phone to float two meters above his head ?
  •     Phone for the dog. A very good dog would also be able to manage iTunes for you . 

Obviously all these ideas were finally rejected or did not exist at all. The Apple iPhone has always been something that the world of technology product design can look at with pride. We know that the iPhone 8 is going to be so much more of the same and something new. It will be an iPhone, but it will look like a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 .

Apple's iPhone 8, based on a constant number of leaks in the design of the screen, will not be an exception to Apple's continued focus on revolutionizing mobile computing and communication. Regardless of Tim Cook carrying a graphing calculator in his pocket for mathematical reasons , you know that this good man is about to put the iPhone 8 on everyone's lips.

This crazy post is meant to be something other than what we have been pulling for months with the iPhone 8, hopefully made you smile . We'll wait for you on the next, see you soon!

Source : forbes.com 

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