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Saturday, 12 August 2017

A historical review of the evolution of the App Store and Google Play

For many years, the application stores for the main mobile platforms have emerged: iOS and Android. Long ago, some did not even live when they started or vaguely remember it. In order to refresh your memory, we bring you an infographic so you can study the history of the application stores.

In this historical review you can check the large number of times the App Store hits records in number of downloads , it is impressive to see how the Apple application store is always at the head, making it clear that it is a comfortable environment for developers.

App Store triumphs from its beginnings

Although both started in the same year, 2008, the App Store was launched in July and for the month of September, Android Market launch - first name of the Android application store - had already beaten the record 100 Millions of apps downloaded , with only 3,000 applications in the store.

Over the next few years, the App Store became available in more and more countries (77) . It significantly increased the number of applications available exceeding 85,000 apps and achieved impressive downloads, 10 billion downloads. Thus broke the records of Android by thrashing.

2012, year of change

This year, Android Market is renamed Google Play , in-app payments are introduced and developers are allowed to respond to users' comments. Meanwhile, the App Store generated $ 5 billion in profits for developers and changed its search algorithm to make it more competitive.

Starting in 2015, we see how both the App Store and Google Play include new features so developers can test their applications before they are released, as well as new in-store organizational categories.

In 2016, it is the year of Google Play where it continues to improve its platform for developers, better conditions and greater security in its servers. At the end of this year, the App Store collected historical figures achieving profits of 240 million dollars in a single day. In addition, this year we have been able to know that the application store of Apple has generated in its 9 years of existence 70,000 million dollars.

This is the most complete historical review you can find on the net , we leave nothing important. The rest of curious facts happened you can see them in the infographic elaborated by thetool.io .

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