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Wednesday, 16 August 2017

A month after the presentation, you can already book the iPhone 8

At this point, it is easy to say that we are spending time flying to the presentation of the iPhone 8. But we must admit that it has been difficult to endure all these months without great news. With the only help of the rumors and leaks that have been emerging, and, of course, the presentation of iOS 11. Update that yesterday received its sixth beta for developers, with some news somewhat questionable on aesthetic level.

Luckily for us, all that waiting time is about to come to an end. If everything goes well, in a month, we can already know all the details not only of the new phones, but also the new Apple Watch among other possible developments. Although it is true that there are few surprises to discover, the desire we have to see this live presentation are unsustainable. And they will not do better when we see that certain companies are already preparing everything for the launch of the iPhone 8 . In fact, there is already one that allows you to reserve it.

Reserve a phone without knowing the price or the launch date, that is what Telekom proposes

That's right, German mobile operator Telekom has already started its booking campaign for the launch of the iPhone 8. It may seem a little early, it even gives the feeling that it was a mistake. However, whether it was a mistake or not, it has become a really smart strategy. Many users can not wait for the time when the new phone is available, and given the opportunity to reserve it to avoid a possible stock break, they will launch without hesitation.

The problem, as I suppose you know, is that the price and release date are still unknown . Not knowing, we do not even know if it will finally be called iPhone 8, so it is difficult to think that someone is really willing to reserve something that we do not even know if it exists. Because, despite all the rumors and leaks that have appeared, until the presentation is made, nothing is official. Unfortunately for the impatient community.

And you, would you book the iPhone 8 if one of the Spanish operators allowed it?

Via | BGR

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