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Monday, 7 August 2017

A study reveals what the exact price of the iPhone

Regardless of when we try to guess the price of the iPhone, the answer will always be the same: the same as the current iPhone . Obviously we mean the average - which curiously has not changed much since early 2008 - specifically between 600 and 700 dollars.

Of course, this answer has its tricks : it depends on the seasonality and the price fluctuations, and is that it is not the same to buy it recently presented that to do later taking advantage of some promotion or even when they have left more modern models.

In the graph you can see more or less how it has always been kept within ranges and obeys a pattern : every year a new terminal is introduced that replaces the one released the previous year, which undergoes a sensible reduction in its price. In addition, the steps of the retail price are fairly defined at about $ 100.

However, there are some variations:

  • From dude 2011 the average suffered an increase of 50 dollars when we could buy it free. 
  • Every three years a range is produced with higher prices, increasing capacity. 
  • The iPhone SE was introduced with a lower price than the other iPhone. 
  • Last year there was an increase in the higher price of the more expensive model. 

So while the lower limit remains stagnant at $ 400, the top has gone from $ 700 to $ 950 . Regarding the iPhone 8, some estimate that the ceiling could go up to $ 1,200 . Looking at the graph so clearly, we do not expect large variations in the next three years, although we must take into account the combination of seasonality and offers.

As the iPhone as a product continues to mature, its user base is expanding . Obviously, later buyers get the terminal at a lower price, while lovers of cutting-edge technology will always go to the most up-to-date models and top ranges simply because they can. That is why in global, the average remains the same. Apple is aware of this heterogeneous base of customers and therefore maintains its strategy of prices and products for sale.

But this seasonality and price range is also known by the competition , which seeks to take advantage of Apple's name, campaigns and features to try to follow its stela and position horizontally, with similar prices. In fact, as Apple launches something, the competition lowers its products slightly to try to attract customers by taking advantage of the pull. As soon as Apple relaxes, the competition launches its leading handsets.

After a decade of analysis, these results offer extreme reliability that allow Apple to play with the price thanks to its background and why not, its leading products, exquisite design, customer satisfaction and loyalty. After all, it is no coincidence that Apple is the smartphone company that makes such brutal profit margins.

Via | Asymco

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