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Sunday, 27 August 2017

Facebook and Instagram fallen worldwide

New failure in social networks: Facebook and Instagram have fallen this afternoon worldwide, a crash of more than an hour that has left hanging and no possibility of access to many users around the world , who have shown their discontent in the Social networks that were still operative.

In the case of the blue social network, property of Mark Zuckerberg, began giving problems in the time of being able to raise some type of content, until finally it has appeared a message that indicated to the users of the impossibility of acceding to its Accounts on a temporary basis .

The causes were unknown, in fact we still do not have much news of it, but it was indicated that some tasks of maintenance of the databases were being carried out , reason why the users were asked to wait a few minutes. It seems that the cause has been a general failure in the system and that prevented access from any browser or mobile app.

Those minutes have not been such, usually no more than 5 or 10, but have been more than 60. An entire hour without being able to join Facebook. Obviously, many messages have been tipped over Twitter that referred to it. As you can see below, the tweeters do not give any type of truce and go with the knife between their teeth to charge against Facebook.

Instagram, the other network owned by Mark Zuckerberg, also has problems uploading content, both photos and videos as popular stories . Fortunately the problems seem to have been solved already and can be accessed with normality .

Have you suffered the effects of this fall? Have you come to despair of it? Tell us in comments and leave us your opinions. We are waiting for you with new content.

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