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Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Adding stunning effects to your Live Photos on iOS 11

IOS 11 brings a lot of changes, many of which have already been exposed here. The photograph is not far behind and one of those that will have news is going to be Live Photos. Not only you can do them, but also you can edit them with some really great effects .

When enabled, Live Photos makes a short video of 1.5 seconds before and after pressing the camera button. The end result is usually a lot of fun, and I just put the imagination to work, we can achieve incredible effects. You can make your animated clips even better. We can make a loop, give it a boomerang effect, or turn it into a long exposure image . Is that how it works.

How to use Live Photos effects

-Open the Photos application and look for a Live Photo.

-When the photo is selected and you are in full screen mode, simply slide your finger up any part of the photo.

-This gesture will give us 3 contextual options for the image. You'll find a new section called Effects. There are three effects: Loop, Rebound, Long Exposure . Tap an effect to preview.

The effects

- Loop: Simply converts the animated Live Photo into an endless animation. If you are looking for a GIF effect, in which the animation continues to repeat, choose the Loop effect.

-Rebote: Similar to the Boomerang effect of Instagram . The animation will be inverted once it is done. So it's the same video, but it plays back at the end.

- Long Exposure: This is a really cool effect that will only work on a subset of photos, where most of the objects in the photo are motionless. This effect freezes the stationary parts and clears the moving parts . Try to do it with the waves of the beach, the traffic of the city or the water of a moving river. It will leave you speechless.

Dare to Live Photos and the updates that will come with iOS 11, and every time is getting less.


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