AirPods no longer take 6 weeks to arrive -


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Monday, 7 August 2017

AirPods no longer take 6 weeks to arrive

Apple complies with its word and appears to be meeting what its CEO Tim Cook promised this week . It has updated its online store today to indicate that it now estimates that the AirPods will be shipped in four weeks in the United States, Europe and many other regions, below a six-week estimate as usual.

Apple has not revealed AirPods sales numbers, but Tim Cook has said that the offer continues to significantly outpace demand.

"Incredible enthusiasm for AirPods is also seen, with 98% customer satisfaction based on a Creative Strategies survey. We have increased the production capacity of AirPods, and we are working very hard to reach customers as fast as we can, but we still can not meet the strong demand level . "

AirPods are the first pair of truly wireless Apple headsets. They instantly turn on and connect to the iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad or Mac when they are taken out of their box. Similarly, audio plays automatically as soon as you put them in your ears and stop when you take them off.

AirPods are mainly controlled by Siri and voice commands can be used to adjust the volume, change the song, make a call, and so on. AirPods offer up to five hours of listening time with a charge and a 15-minute fast charge provides up to three hours of listening time . They have received largely positive reviews, and achieved a 98% customer satisfaction rate in a recent Creative Strategies survey.

These headphones can be ordered on the Apple website for 179 euros, and although you can buy also in some department stores and the physical Apple Store, arrive with dropper. So we will have to continue to arm ourselves with patience.


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