ALERT: This SMS steals your Apple ID -


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Saturday, 19 August 2017

ALERT: This SMS steals your Apple ID

You know that in this blog we like, besides teaching you with tutorials, help you with the topic of security. Both on mobiles, computers, and other devices. In this case we will touch on the Apple issue and a threat that has arisen. This is a scam that basically steals the Apple ID using a fake sms. So, today we will talk about this Apple virus .

Apple Virus

No branded operating system will get rid of malware. Technology advances in every way, good and bad. The purpose of viruses, worms and other threats is to make a profit. Whether it is stealing bank details, accounts that they sell or make proliferate antivirus. It is a whole network that we can not define in an article.

The problem with this virus is that it steals the Apple ID. What does this mean ?, because very easy, that if they get it will have access to all personal information. Bank details of iPad users, iPhon and Mac computers . We would quarantine all our devices and therefore, our money.

Reddit users have reported this fraud, which has somewhat slowed their progress. The scam is based on sending an SMS informing you that the ID of your iPhone is about to expire. This will come with a link that will lead us to a fake website with a form. In it we will be asked for data that, if we have the misfortune to send, will make the unfortunate in turn be made with our account. That is why it is important to always walk with feet of lead as far as the forms are concerned. Look a thousand times, verify that it belongs to an official medium and if necessary, send an email to the technical support service.

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