Alert: viruses arrive on Facebook through a dangerous video -


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Thursday, 10 August 2017

Alert: viruses arrive on Facebook through a dangerous video

With a tool as juicy as a smartphone, it is not surprising that hackers and scammers take advantage of any stratagem to sneak viruses, scams, hoaxes, malicious software, harassment, etc. Although it may seem like a small and harmless "cacharro", because our cell phone contains a lot of information and access to places with confidential data.

So if e-mail has been a classic place for evil, the new malefactors take advantage of sites that know that we swarm because it is a reality, apps like WhatsApp or Facebook have millions of users and just statistics, someone will fall . In WhatsApp viruses and scams are a reality, but now it is in the social network of Mark Zuckerberg where they have found a new appetizing niche market.

In addition, what is probably the first Facebook virus has arrived in the most unexpected , in the form of video. The pernicious capacity of this virus is so that the national police through its official profile of Twitter is warning about the risk we run:


- National Police (@police) August 8, 2017
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And is that this new virus appeared on Facebook almost immediately infects our device , so we have to go very carefully. Apparently, there would be two ways to be infected: or receiving a direct message where we insert a video of sexual themes, so that we fall into the trap and see. The second form is being tagged in a publication. As soon as we are notified and we go in to see it, blasted, infected!

How to deal with the Facebook virus?

First of all is caution. The video has a title similar to 'My video', 'Private video' or 'My First Video', and after the name a combination of numbers. If you are sent privately or you are tagged, do not you want to click on it.

But if it's late and you've fallen into the trap , what you should do is change the password of Facebook, urgent. Then we recommend that you pass some antivirus to check that there is no rare file type. Although the virus may affect the device on Android, it was not specified if iOS would suffer as well, but one thing is clear: our Facebook account would be at risk.

Via | Andro4All

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