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Monday, 28 August 2017

All the doubts you have about iPhone and you never dared to ask

Today there is no doubt that San Google can not solve . And the search engine is our absolute reference in terms of information, although we can find everything from elaborate scientific papers with the latest research to nonsense answers in Yahoo Answers. It seems obvious but we do not have to trust everything we read on the internet.

But in addition to being a source of answers, Google treasures millions of data and statistics related to our searches . In this way, it is possible to know how many people are looking for something or visit a specific website. In addition, you may have noticed that Google helps us in our searches: no matter what you write " Winez Paltrou ", he will be able to know that you were referring to the American actress Gwyneth Paltrow. And all to its wonderful suggestions and autocompleted.

The more we look for something, the higher it appears in the results at the time of autocomplete a text. Do you want to know what we are most looking for when we type iPhone into Google? What are our most secret and unsuspected doubts about the iPhone? The results will surprise you.
iPhone is Android

The first, in the front. One of the most sought-after doubts is why the iPhone has so much reputation for insurance, stable, fluid ... what is its secret? How can it be that my mobile has both lag and hangs and the iPhone does not? Will it be Android iPhone or keep some secret?

Very simple: iPhone has its own operating system called iOS . Both the devices and the software are developed by Apple, which translates into optimized, efficient and much more secure devices.

iPhone is better than Samsung 

Ufff, the million dollar question. A dilemma similar to that of Real Madrid and Barcelona or Ferrari and Lamborghini. I guess for tastes, the colors . I am an Apple user convinced, but mostly because of the software developed by Apple, because to tell you the truth, lately in terms of hardware have fallen asleep on the laurels and Samsung is pulling out big devices like the Samsung Galaxy S8 or the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

iPhone is for women 

A question I never expected to read. There are no terminals for women or men, each person is a world and has their preferences. However, in general the design of Apple has always been very careful and exquisite, with quality materials and great finishes ... but that does not have to do with whether you are male or female, but with what aesthetic values ​​and functionality.
iPhone is rich

We could not help but read the third entry in the previous photo (the first entry comes from Google's suggestions assuming "is" is "if"). Traditionally Apple has been accused of being an expensive brand and the most expensive iPhone terminals on the market.

Nothing further from the reality : you can buy an iPhone SE for 400 euros and no, the most expensive terminal on the market is not an iPhone but the recently presented Samsung Galaxy Note 8 . Without going any further, it is not very difficult to find cheaper Apple pointers than the latter .

Chinese iPhone 

The iPhone enjoys great fame and reputation around the world thanks to its good work throughout this decade. Therefore, it is not surprising that in China is a requirement for success that mobile phones resemble the iPhone , even if they are a blatant copy as the case of OnePlus 5 . The iPhone is synonymous with status, but of course, then it seems that it does not matter to buy anything.

Thus, we can find copies that sell more than the original , such as Oppo R9. But it's not the only one: Meizu Pro 6 Plus, Vivo X9, Umidigi Z ... 

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