Amazing! This is the Apple Park in view of dron -


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Sunday, 20 August 2017

Amazing! This is the Apple Park in view of dron

Although it looks like a spacecraft and we can attest that within it technology and innovation have little envy to NASA headquarters, Apple Park will be the company's new headquarters of the apple bite that as it is already holy and sign , Will be in Cupertino, California. The pace of construction is going well, to the rhythm of the iPhone that will be presented next month. In fact, it is speculated that they might even show up right there. Can you imagine opening the Apple Park with the brand new iPhone 8?

Be that as it may, the Apple Park already has its first employees working there and to tell you the truth, its complete completion is not in too much of a hurry. Another thing is the auditorium, where in theory would take place the presentation of what is called to be the mobile of the year, the iPhone 8. Of course, the hand of the next Apple flagship would come the iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus and the Apple Watch 3. September is going to be a spectacular month for Apple fans , there's no doubt about it.

By the way, to make it even more emotional, this auditorium will have a very special and well-deserved name, that of Steve Jobs , the real genius and guru of the Californian firm. Because besides being the creative part of the prolific and successful pair formed with Steve Wozniak, Jobs was the one that had in mind what would be the ideal planning of these new barracks of Apple.

But you know how unpredictable the world of construction . And is that although we have seen some progress in its construction and even have just paved the road that leads there, we do not know if it will be in time. The exteriors are still unfinished ... but of course, there are at least three weeks left. At the moment, it is quite suspicious to see the workers in gardening. But well, after all, it is expected that there are up to 9,000 trees, better start with time.

Have you been wanting to keep an eye on the matter? Well, there is no way to see everything in bird's eye view. Or rather, in view of dron.

How about? Will we have an appointment with Apple in September? We bet that yes.

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