An iPhone 8 X-ray reveals its interior, do not miss it! -


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Tuesday, 8 August 2017

An iPhone 8 X-ray reveals its interior, do not miss it!

We come to discover the interior of an iPhone 8 seen in X-rays. These photos that claim to show an X-ray view of the next iPhone 8 have appeared in the Chinese social network par excellence, Weibo. Based on a large dark dot in the center of each image, the new photos support the rumor that the new model will feature some form of wireless charging.

The black spot on the alleged X-ray iPhone 8 aligns with a previously filtered scheme in April with the same area for what is expected to be the inductive charge coil .

In February, well-known and reliable analyst Ming Chi Kuo predicted that the three new iPhone models (4.7 ", 5.5" and 5.8 ") would have support for wireless charging. Others have suggested that the wireless charging accessory may not be ready at launch , which means the product will be sold separately as well.

Apart from newly filtered images and analyst reports, there have been a lot of rumors about the wireless upload on the arrival of the new iPhone this fall. Apple even joined the Wireless Power Consortium earlier this year, although technically it already supports the inductive load through Apple Watch and the iPad Pro Smart Connector.

In any case, we will soon see what Apple has planned for the next generation of iPhone, as the company usually reveals and launches new models in September. The high end iPhone 8 is expected to be more expensive and have supply problems.

What is clear is that this iPhone is the one that most headaches seems to be giving the Californian company and is the most rumored is awakening among followers. There is less and less for these mysteries to be solved.


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