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Wednesday, 30 August 2017

And if the iPhone 8 is not the phone to buy this 2017?

We are just around the corner from the moment of truth: the official presentation of [iPhone 8] (, iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus . Will they be able to hit the table and re-establish themselves as the reference smartphone in terms of design and innovation ?

So far, the reference phone is the iPhone 7 Plus and although it has long been criticized for the little that had risked Apple to design its aesthetics, the reality is that sales have been good and it is a terminal that it may not have a screen that covers the entire front, but it is spectacular equally.

What has most excited and marked the difference has been his fantastic dual rear camera that allows for wonders such as portrait mode. Finally, we can not forget the brutal autonomy of the camera .

So despite the criticism, there is no doubt that the terminal that Apple introduced in 2016 was a success and many were moved to the Plus version thanks to the improvements that implemented. It is less ergonomic but the experience is worth it , especially if compared to buying the iPhone 7 in standard version.

By the way, a detail that perhaps you have not noticed: Apple manufactures cases with integrated battery for the iPhone 6 / 6s and iPhone 7, but not for the iPhone 7 Plus. You know why? Basically because with this terminal for the first time in Apple you can forget to go with the charger everywhere . It does not matter if you are a demanding user. Simply, pack it and enjoy it all day long and even more.

Yes, we know that in 2017 the iPhone 8 is called to break the market with innovation in a flood: borderless and OLED technology, wireless charging, front camera with 3D sensor for facial recognition, augmented reality, new materials ... terminal that by dimensions is between the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus, but with a screen that surpasses the premium version.

But this has another reading: you will have the screen of the model iPhone 7 Plus but by dimensions will not be able to accommodate a battery of its size. Will SLP batteries be enough to guarantee as much or more autonomy?

There are many doubts and challenges that have to meet the iPhone 8, but beware, because with the starting price of more than a thousand euros and the rebate of the iPhone 7 Plus, may be time to give another chance ... the iPhone 7 Plus.

Via | BGR

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