Android Oreo listens to Tim Cook and is inspired by iOS to update -


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Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Android Oreo listens to Tim Cook and is inspired by iOS to update

During the day yesterday Android Oreo saw the light . An ambitious project of the most widespread mobile operating system on the planet , although it is not the best or the safest, but we already know that price is a key factor when buying a terminal and in low range we can only find such a system Operating. Of course, let's not fool ourselves: there are more expensive Android smartphones than iPhone . But the midrange Apple starts with the iPhone SE.

Android Oreo has landed precisely in order to keep improving and has taken good notice of many functions of iOS, one of them especially bleeding: how difficult it is to update an Android terminal , something that in some models becomes directly impossible.

And is that Tim Cook already took out the colors a few months ago with cold and objective figures . Currently, more than 90% of the iOS mobile phone has iOS 10, while for Android, 10% of smartphones and tablets have Android Nougat installed.

The importance of this fact is vital, and is that when the latest updates contain news and important security patches , that a terminal has become outdated it opens the door not only to be much more vulnerable, but to enjoy a user experience much worse.

Project Treble

Based on this endemic problem, Google developers have developed an ambitious project called Project Treble aimed at making upgrades much easier for all brands of Android terminal manufacturers. To this day, unless you have Nexus or Pixel, you could find that your device is not compatible.

Can anyone imagine that in iOS where each terminal tells us machaconamente that there is a new update and can even be installed automatically? Then we wonder why iOS is so much safer than Android . Well, this is one of the reasons, but not the only one .

In iOS, Apple controls the hardware and software , so it detects each failure and implements the solution for the global of its mobile devices - unless it has become obsolete -, putting all the facilities of the world for you to update. With Project Treble, developers have separated Android's own framework from manufacturers' implementations so they can easily upgrade.

But unfortunately it does not work miracles: all Android flaghsip presented to date will be out of Project Treble . Come on, that high-end of 2017 with the Samsung Galaxy S8 or the OnePlus 5 at the top, will be out of this interesting initiative. But from now on, Android will try to catch up with updates. Good news for security.

Of course, for Apple it will be increasingly difficult to get new fans , since Android is competing hard and working well in both hardware and software. Would you go to Android if you know that they are going to update and improve the security of their terminals?

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