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Friday, 4 August 2017

Apple accidentally shows how iOS will be on iPhone 8

Supposedly by accident, the bite apple company launched the firmware of one of its next products, the HomePod. This firmware includes information about a next device that we all look forward to seeing and / or buying . We talk about the next iPhone, a more exclusive phone - even more - than the main iPhone. Call it iPhone 8, iPhone Pro or iPhone Edition, but in the HomePod firmware has a very characteristic code name: iPhone D22.

Apparently, the data extracted from the firmware of Apple's new intelligent speaker, point to the next iPhone will have a large navigation bar at the bottom, which can be dragged to the right or left to show different options . In this bar you will also be supposed to find a virtual Home button and the options that we used to have at the top, such as the "Back" button that we can find in apps with different menus.

From the blog Maxrudberg we have some concepts made by them that show how the operating system would be on the iPhone X , since there are many possibilities for this and all are equally valid.

IPhone D22 without hidden top edge

IPhone D22 hiding top edge

IPhone D22 hiding all edges

In case you are not so clear the differences, here you also have a comparison between all the possibilities of iPhone D22 and an iPhone 7.

It is very impressive the amount of space that can be saved with the iPhone D22 and the way in which this can be used. However, I personally stick with the first choice of iPhone D22, since in this to have the status bar the same color as the application open, the screen seems bigger . Of course we will not settle too much now, so we will have to wait until its exit or at least to be announced in September.

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