Apple could introduce a 60 "TV with OLED display -


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Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Apple could introduce a 60 "TV with OLED display

Has Apple decided to finally make televisions? Since iPadizate we have been thinking for many years that the bite apple company could enter this sector of the technology market , but so far had not shown any sign of it.

Several photographs have recently been leaked , showing what we believe to be a prototype of a 60-inch TV with an OLED display , a metal housing, and the apple logo on the back.

The design fits perfectly with what an Apple TV would look like. Apparently, interestingly enough, this TV has two built-in cameras at the bottom of the screen . At least so say the rumors from Chinese social networks.

Is Apple Preparing to Launch a New TV?

The filtered photos have been shared via Twitter by Benjamin Geskin , a popular Apple product analyst who does not usually fail in his predictions. Be that as it may, the images are not of very high quality, and we do not know if it is a real or false rumor.

TVs are a highly competitive business area where consumers often maintain a product for many years. This does not fit with Apple's business idea, which usually updates each of its products in much shorter time periods.

We do not know if this prototype TV belongs to Apple or not, but if true, the truth is that many consumers (including myself) would like to have a similar device at home. What do you think? Do you think Apple would dare to enter the TV market? Will it stand up to Samsung TVs? We are waiting for you in the comments!

Via | 9to5mac

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