Apple devastates sales and proves it does not need the iPhone 8 -


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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Apple devastates sales and proves it does not need the iPhone 8

That moment has come that Apple investors were waiting. I'm not talking about the launch of the new iPhone 8, nor has a new iPad been launched, but the company has finally presented its quarterly results . And this time, the shareholders have not been the only ones surprised. And is that, if we thought that the iPhone 8 was Apple's only sustenance, we have just proved that we were very wrong.

With the presentation made by Apple, we have been able to know the growth of its products and services. And among other things, it has been discovered that the iPad has managed to recover successfully from the decline it had suffered in recent months. When it seemed that the company could not return to its line of tablets the good health that it enjoyed, we have found that sales have grown 15% over last year's data .

The iPad line stronger than ever, and the iPhone waiting for its major renovation

Of course, the iPhone remains the main pillar of its balance sheet income with 55% of it, but it is clear that the public is waiting for the renewal. This is expected by September, as is customary since the launch of the iPhone 4, and, of course, no information has been unveiled on the new models in the conference call . And it will not be because they have not tried to squeeze out Tim Cook, who avoided talking about it completely.

About other products such as Apple Watch, or services such as iCloud and iTunes, has been influenced by the steady growth of this part of the company. While the App Store is facing some difficulties in China with instant messaging apps and the withdrawal of VPNs, they still have confidence in the market and its growth in it. In short, for users, we just have to know that Apple works better than ever.

And you, were you expecting this resurgence of the iPad?

Source | MacRumors

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