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Monday, 28 August 2017

Apple has changed, before it was a very different company

Apple has always been dedicated to making life easier for people thanks to the launch of its technology products. It happened with the iPod touch, with the Mac, with the iPad and of course with the iPhone. Even with the Apple Watch. But the company of the bite apple is changing, maybe evolving , who knows. But it is not what it was.

We do not know if it's for better or worse, but Apple is changing its form of business. He continues to work on developing better technology products, but little by little we have seen Cupertino enter other markets ...
Apple Park, Apple Music, Apple Car, Carpool Karaoke ...

First, Apple recently has produced a number of digital content to broadcast through Apple Music. What's more, they purchased the Carpool Karaoke show. Apple producing series and TV shows? Creating devices that help people in their daily lives is one thing, producing television content is already quite another ...

Second, the company has built a giant Apple Park in which it intends to move the offices of all its employees. That's great, it could even become logical and natural. However, the construction of an Apple Store, a building dedicated to Steve Jobs and the name itself (Apple Park) makes us think that the headquarters has been designed more for a business than for a business environment.

In fact, it is even rumored that Apple may be working on the development of a standalone car and a 4K television , although it must be recognized that these two products would be much more consistent with the style of the company.

There was a time when buying Apple products had a much more valuable meaning . At that time, before the turn of the century, replacing a PC with a Mac was a symbol of identity. Now, buying an iPhone has become a symbol of social status .

We repeat, we do not know if these changes will turn out to be something positive in the long run for the apple bite company we both love. But what we do know with certainty is that Apple is changing, before it was a very different company ... And we do not think ill ... Think Different!

What do you think? Do you think Apple has changed for better or worse? 

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