Apple has created its first Instagram profile and will be dedicated to users -


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Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Apple has created its first Instagram profile and will be dedicated to users

Over time we have been able to see that Apple is not a big lover of social networks. Almost a year ago, Cupertino decided to finally open an account on the social network Twitter , in which they have not written the first word since its creation in September 2016.

However, now it's Instagram, a profile for which Apple has already devised an interesting plan . Alert spoiler: it has to do with its users.

ShootOniPhone Hashtag

Apple has already thought about what to do with its first official profile on Instagram. Through the social network, those of Cupertino will be dedicated to share photographs taken by users using their iPhone devices . In each publication will include multiple images within a video, in which we can hear the photographer giving a short explanation.

Instagram is the perfect social network to make known the talents in photography. To participate in this, just use the #ShootoniPhone hashtag in each photo you upload . This same sentence we can find it around the world, thanks to the great publicity that has given the company.

The first Apple account ... or not

This is not the first Apple Instagram profile. The company has accounts for each of its services like iTunes, Apple Music, iBooks and many others. However, this is the first official account of the company .

If you like photography a lot and think you have talent, try using the hashtag from time to time . You never know when your lucky day might be.

Despite the immensity of Apple around the world, it still surprises us to be as closed in terms of social networking is concerned . Fortunately, that seems to be changing little by little.

Have you followed Apple on Instagram? Leave us your answer in the comments!

Via | The Verge

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