Apple has a patch for the iPhone 8's worst problem -


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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Apple has a patch for the iPhone 8's worst problem

The iPhone 8 will be like no other iPhone, and will have plenty of features not available on any other smartphone made by Apple to date. But like the previous models, the iPhone 8 will not have a perfect design. The long lines of the hated antennas disappear, but the camera in the back seems to be confirmed. However, the worst of the design of the iPhone 8 is that the top bezel is not a full bezel, only a cutout that occupies the middle zone, the key components situation, including the speaker, camera and face recognition system .

Apple accidentally confirmed that it is the design of the iPhone 8 in a first version of firmware for the HomePod, which was released a few days ago . The same leak also suggests that Apple has already fixed its top bevel problem.

The top bezel is not just an unsightly presence that bothers the eye. It has a much deeper impact because it affects the way images are displayed on the screen. On the left and right side, the user interface elements will be part of the redesigned iOS 11 status bar .

A developer, through the HomePod code leak, already discovered that the iPhone 8 will have a different type of status bar .

It may interest you: The latest filtered photos of the iPhone 8 confirm our worst aesthetic nightmare .

"The new status bar looks much more complex and powerful in design, maybe even interactive," said developer Steve Troughton-Smith on Twitter.

Others found the same suggestions in the code that Apple is changing the status bar in iOS 11 , at least for the iPhone 8:

As you can see, the software will take into account the "top corners" of the status bar . The code does not say so, but it seems certain that the corners flanking the bezel can be used to display certain information such as indicators of mobile connectivity and Wi-Fi network (left) and battery status to the right. And the corners can be at the top of the actual status bar to be seen in the applications.

That implies that the trimming of the camera will not be consumed in the content displayed in the applications, which is certainly not something we would have expected anyway.

What seems to be a reality is that the iPhone 8 may not be a pretty terminal, at least according to what is being filtered . We will cross our fingers and wait.


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