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Sunday, 27 August 2017

Apple in the current television culture: The Simpsons, Futurama, Rick and Morty and Family Guy

Apple is a company that although in the last decade has been erected almost as a lifestyle or even a religion for fanboys , has been accompanying us and being part of our society since we were born or even before.

Because of this and given its great ancestry, it is not surprising the continuous references to it in the media , not because most smartphones and computers that come out in the series are from Apple (that too), but because their particular idiosyncrasy has been Reflected with humor and great success by the series of more acidic drawings of the televising grid like The Simpsons, Futurama, Rick and Morty or Father of Family.

Next, we want to review our favorite series and the image so funny and exaggerated they have done about the company born in the garage Jobs and Wozniak.

The Simpson

I'm not going to fool you, The Simpsons have been with me all my life, whenever I can and eat with them and constitute more than an entertainment: they are all a cultural reference of my generation and I always have a phrase of their own in the mouth to explain something .

Apple has appeared several times in The Simpsons, especially in these last times in which they have already computerized, but we do not forget this episode dedicated to those of Cupertino, its halo of mysticism, the fanboys and their high prices :


After the unsuccessful success of The Simpsons, Matt Groening created another much more futuristic cartoon universe: the New York-based 2999, we refer to Futurama.

But it does not matter that almost a thousand years have passed: "eyePhone" is still a sales success with which you can stalke your ex, ignore your friends, look at your mail and see porn on the bus ... come on, the same Than in any other mobile but much more expensive . That yes, is not the company of Jobs or Cook, but of the corporation "Mama."

There is something that has not changed since the present time: the fantastic Apple ads:

As is tradition in any iPhone, even if a millennium has passed, you will continue to pay a bundle and the battery lasts a sigh. Interestingly, this episode gave rise to one of the most popular memes, precisely this :

Family Guy

We continue to review Apple's legacy in the adult cartoon series, this time with Family Guy, the grossest project by Seth McFarlane . The sarcastic and beastly inhabitants of Quahog have also experienced in their flesh what it is to enter an Apple Store and find it crowded.

As happens to many, they have also been a bit shocked to see the simplicity of MacOS (how can be the photos are in an app called Photos?), The practical absence of viruses in Apple (optimal to see porn, that Yes, although there are few viruses, in MacOS yes there is Malware) and of course, its high price.

Rick and Morty

We finished this review with a bonus track that does not include Apple itself, but to another company as much or more famous than Apple, we talk about Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg . The reference we will see in a series of drawings for adults that is a step below in popularity with respect to the previous ones, the one carried out by Rick, an alcoholic scientist and his innocent grandson, Morty, who spend the time between familiar domestic life and Intergalactic space travel.

In this fragment of episode we see how they remember the dubious gesture of Zuckerberg when this one was in the university . And is that, in case you are not aware or see the movie "The social network", the idea of ​​Facebook was not Zuckerberg, but Mark was smarter and less dishonest when it came to getting rid of his fellow project.

Do you remember any other episode with references to Apple, and other series of drawings? Tell us your opinion in the comments

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