Apple increases AirPods production capacity -


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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Apple increases AirPods production capacity

Since its launch late last year, Apple's fully wireless AirPods have been plagued by availability and supply issues. Although they are sometimes easy to find from third-party retailers, they are still almost impossible to find in Apple stores and carry a 6-week shipping delay from Apple's online store .

During Apple's earnings announcement today, Tim Cook noted the production difficulties and said the company is working to make AirPods as available as possible.

Ultimately, Cook said that Apple is still struggling to meet the "strong demand level of AirPods," even though the company has recently increased production capacity :

"We have increased the production capacity of AirPods and we are working very hard to get customers as fast as we can, but they still do not allow us to cope with the strong level of demand ," Tim Cook said.

Cook also noted how well received AirPods have been so far, citing a May report from research firm Creative Strategies that stated AirPods have a 98 percent customer satisfaction rate.

Apple remains quite cautious in statements about what is causing the AirPods supply shortage. The product has been difficult to find from the outset, originally facing a two-month delay , which was originally believed to be due to manufacturing difficulties.

We will see if these predictions are met and we do not have to wait so long to enjoy the revolution that AirPods have been, a gadget desired by many but now within the reach of few, not only due to its price, but to this manufacture "a Dropper "we have had to suffer.


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