Apple is ahead of the times and is played by eliminating a vital function -


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Monday, 7 August 2017

Apple is ahead of the times and is played by eliminating a vital function

The iPhone 8 that will see the light in September is called to revolutionize the smartphone market as it once made the original iPhone, in fact, never before Apple had innovated both in a single terminal.

Apple is known to be ahead of time and competition and take risky steps. Without going any further, a little less than a year ago they decided to remove the jack connection from their iPhone 7 causing astonishment and discomfort . 11 months later, more and more Android terminals are adding to the trend marked by Cupertino.

With the iPhone 8, Apple plans to re-mark the way by getting rid of its Touch ID , a technology that has accompanied us for some years allowing us to unlock the terminal and make purchases simply by placing our finger on the Home button. Easy, safe and fast, although it was not perfect.

Unlike Samsung, who opted to keep it incorporating a nefarious facial recognition sensor that can be fooled by a photo ID, Apple is playing with a state-of-the-art Face ID, which will allow to unlock the terminal in a personal and non-transferable way with our Face, even with the partially exposed face and also, do it with the terminal resting on a table .

Defolding Daisy: Yes or No Touch ID on the iPhone 8?

The story of the rumors of the Touch ID on the iPhone 8 has been truly curious. Initially it was thought that the reader would integrate in the back part , all a nonsense in terms of comfort.

Later, the next idea was to integrate it into the screen without borders : if there was no Home button, why would not we be able to unlock the terminal from any sector of the display?

Ultimately, it was pointed out that the Touch ID would be located on the left side , right on a huge on / off button that would act as a sensor.

But no, right now the most popular belief - and that is supported by the lines of code of the HomePod - is that there will be no Touch ID anymore . All the meat is in the Grill of the Face ID. A risky bet will be a success if facial recognition is as powerful, fast and reliable as speculated.

Otherwise, Apple will have played with a minimalist design, modern and eclectic but without a technology of unlocking and payment useful and effective, could be an epic failure . The die is cast.

Via | Forbes

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