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Sunday, 13 August 2017

Apple is creating new accessories for its Smart Connector

In September of the year 2015, Apple introduced the first iPad Pro of 12.9 inches . At that time, we were all surprised with the big screen of the device and all its technical specifications even though they had been rumored for months.

But there was one thing that nobody expected was the implementation of a smart connector with magnetic beads called Smart Connector . This technology allows the accessories to be coupled to the iPad, proving very useful for keyboards, docks ...

Unfortunately, two years ago this technology is present in the tablets of the company of the apple and we have not seen many accessories compatible with the Smart Connector. But this could change soon. Apple is focusing on working with third-party companies for new accessories to adopt Smart Connector technology.

These are the companies that could create accessories with Smart Connector

The pressure that Apple exerts on the accessory manufacturers is brutal. Companies must take into account several factors when deciding to make a new accessory. They must take into account the existing accessories in the market, the price of each product and if it is feasible to launch a new accessory with so many alternatives already on sale.

From Incipio, they explained that since Logitech's Smart Connector keyboard was already on the market, it was difficult to think of a new accessory with exclusive features.

Another anonymous sleeves company mentioned that they had an extremely fast product development cycle . Something we've seen before the introduction of new devices like the iPhone 8, as many companies are already preparing their sleeves.

Finally, in the company Brydge, say that the connector Smart Connector involves many limitations when creating a new accessory.

Apple has said there are "multiple companies" willing to create new accessories for Smart Connector technology . If these products reach the market, it is something else ...

Source | 9to5mac

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