Apple surrenders to government: Your data is in danger! -


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Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Apple surrenders to government: Your data is in danger!

Recently, Apple has teamed with Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Verizon and other technology-related companies to ask the US Supreme Court to enforce fourth amendment protections in order to avoid sharing location data from their Users.

Apple is still struggling to protect the safety of its customers, but this is their last resort . The company has surrendered to the government, and even if the Supreme Court accepts the request, the location of the users will still be accessible with a simple court order .

Companies allied to this fight for user safety do not argue that authority officers do not have the ability to get location data from smartphones and tablets of suspects. But his last resort is that, at least, the request for a court order should be considered.

The government will be able to access the data on your iPhone or iPad

The companies mentioned previously, based on the American Civil Union of Freedom, are based on the requirement of an order would allow them to reach their own decisions when sharing their users' data.

"Apple carefully scrutinizes all requests from the government, security forces and other private companies to ensure there is a valid legal basis for each request."

The company also claims they want to be transparent about how data is shared with law enforcement.

"Apple is committed to the privacy of its users and to helping users understand how it manages their personal information. Apple strives to provide data directly when it is forced to comply with user data requests before law enforcement. "

According to the 9to5mac the rest of the companies of this alliance in favor of the security of the users are: Airbnb, Cisco, Dropbox, Evernote, Microsoft, Mozilla, Google, Facebook, Nest, Snap, Twitter and Verizon.

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