Apple was going to copy the Control Center to Android with iOS 11 -


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Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Apple was going to copy the Control Center to Android with iOS 11

Since the first appearance of the Control Center and multitasking in iOS, the gestures we make to access these characteristics have been the same. Slide up will open the control center and double-click the Home button on our iPhone we can see the apps we are using.

However, it seems that these gestures reached their final destination . According to this prototype of iOS 11, Apple could change them sooner rather than later.

What would it be like to open the Control Center?

In this first video, we can see that to access the Control Center was a little different in the early versions of iOS 11. Instead of sliding up, as we usually do, you had to open the notification bar and slide to the left . This solution would be very similar to what we can find in earlier versions of Android, and nobody wants that.

Currently sliding left from the notification bar takes us to the camera , just as we did from the lock screen.

How would we use multitasking?

The second gesture had to do with multitasking. As we all know iPhone owners, iPad or iPod touch, to switch between the applications we are using we have to press twice the Home button on the device , but in the first version of iOS 11 it seems that this was not so.

If we wanted to get into multitasking on the iOS 11 prototypes we just had to slide up from the bottom edge of the screen, and that's it. We do not know why Apple decided to eliminate this feature, but it would have been useful for the iPhone 8 with Edge-to-Edge display, as this device would arrive without the mythical button.

Before panicking, it must be clarified that this feature was discarded by Apple even before taking the first beta of iOS 11 to light. However, we do not know if Apple will recover it in the future.

Would you have liked a change in these gestures? Leave us your answer in the comments!

Via | Mac Rumors

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