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Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Apple was right: Android say goodbye to the connection Jack

Apple started a revolution in consumers when it removed the audio jack of their iPhone, we all put our hands in the air and said it was not the time. We had not yet given way to real-world wireless audio and few users were using Bluetooth headsets.

We all agreed, even Samsung made jokes in his presentations on this subject , remarking how Apple had gotten out of hand to innovate . It was very easy to fire the fallen tree and the competition was taken advantage of. But during the months following this sad news, we have witnessed a series of events that demonstrate, again, that Apple is not wrong.

Apple hits the table again

Are we prepared for this change? No, if we did not say 6 months ago, the story has changed little. So, why other Android manufacturers assume the Apple standard . In Cupertino, they argued that this decision was motivated by being able to incorporate more battery and less thickness.

Well, that's what we bought, but as pointed out in Andro4all , there are other companies that have taken this step without an imperative need . Did HTC need to remove the audio jack? On your U11 we no longer have headphone jack, but with the thickness to which we are accustomed. Apparently, they have eliminated the jack to introduce their HTC Sense, innovating at the expense of the user can be a big risk but the device is just as thick as years before.

Users are falling apart

As we have seen with the HTC device, we can also find the devices of Motorola or Xiaomi , although the latter two have better arguments to say goodbye to the minijack. There are more and more companies who think the user will appreciate some innovation at the expense of the audio connector, but not all users want or can have a quality handset.

We will know that the jack will say goodbye when Google incorporates it into their Google Pixel and just that is what the rumors say. That is, the moment we see the Google Pixel 2 without a jack we can say goodbye to the cables and our new cable headphones: that will be the time when all companies start to remove it from their future devices.

Apple was right, as always

Apple was not mistaken when taking the step removing the audio connector, needed that hole and used it, months later have been other companies that have done it. This year, Apple has re-marked the road to innovation , will we see next year computers without USB 3.0 or HDMI?

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