Apple will try to sell you one of the colors of the iPhone 8 with its name -


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Monday, 14 August 2017

Apple will try to sell you one of the colors of the iPhone 8 with its name

When marketing teams come together to wrap the name of a color, it's a bad sign. It is one of those moments in which it is clear that even the manufacturer himself is not confident that the design can work by itself, so that they resort to all kinds of strategies including this one. Try to create a brand with hook that can attract the public , even if it is not an attractive color for most users.

Something like that is happening with one of the colors of the next iPhone 8. We all liked the idea that one of the iPhone had a mirror-like casing, but now that it seems that will not be the case, we are not liking it so much How is going to be the thing Not for the classic dark colors, but rather for the new color that Apple will try to sell us, a coppery color, that could have been baptized by Apple as "Blush Gold" or "Dorado blush" .

It is difficult to decide if the color is worse, or the name you may have received

Of course, if we let ourselves be led by the name, which would have been filtered thanks to a publication in Weibo by a supposed Foxconn worker, we may consider choosing this color. It gives the feeling of being elegant, at the same time innovative and somewhat rebellious. Until you realize that it's a coppery gold , that's when much of the interest disappears. At least, after having seen how these types of colors end up being a mere fashion.

In the end, as users, the safe bet would be a color like the black of the iPhone 7 , something that will never go out of style. A color that we will not regret as the months pass, as with certain colors that have been going through the various marketing teams of the manufacturers. As advice, never be carried away by impulses when buying your mobile future, and if you do, remember that you will always have the slips at your disposal if you get bored.

And you, would you choose the new color of the iPhone 8 above the other options?

Via | 9to5Mac

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