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Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Apple wins an Emmy! When is an Oscar for Siri?

The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences today announced the winners of the 69th annual Emmy Awards for Technology and Engineering, and Apple has won an award in the category category, " Navigation by contextual voice to discover and interact with television content . "

Apple received the award for integrated Siri voice integration on the fourth generation of Apple TV, which allows users to search content using voice-based commands . Other winners in the same category are Comcast, Universal Electronics (UEI) and Nuance Dragon TV.

Siri has been available on Apple TV since 2015, which is when the fourth generation set-top box with tvOS was put on sale. Siri has a number of functions on the device, ranging from TV / movie / actor / theme search functions to features like a voice rewind option that allows users to do things like ask "What did you say?" To go back 15 seconds and temporarily turn subtitles on.

Siri can open applications and games, respond to typical commands about soundtrack information , movie length, or much more, and Siri can answer questions about movies and TV shows. "Who directed this film?" Or "Who starred in this movie?" These are just a couple of examples of the kinds of queries that Siri can answer. Siri can even answer complex questions based on topics such as "Look for comedies from the 80s starring Chevy Chase" or "Find movies for children from the 90s."

The winners of the award will receive their awards at the National Broadcasting Association's Technology and Engineering Emmy Awards on Sunday, April 8, 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Apple plans to introduce a new fifth-generation Apple TV at its iPhone-centric event in September, which is believed to take place on the 12th of next month. The fifth generation of Apple TV will continue with the support of Siri, and could even introduce new features related to the wizard.

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