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Sunday, 20 August 2017

At last you will stop hating Apple Maps

The comparisons are hateful. Especially if one of your top competitors has an entire fleet of satellites and takes years of advantage ... By all is known that Apple Maps is one of the native applications of iOS less used by users of iPhone and iPad.

In fact, it was certainly one of the first apps removed from your iPhone and / or iPad when Apple allowed the deletion of native apps on iOS 10 . But recently the company has added a few features that may make you want to reuse this map application .

These are the reasons why you probably stop hating the Apple Maps app on your iPhone and / or iPad.

Event and travel notifications

Apple syncs your native apps so your iPhone and iPad are more helpful. This means that notifications of your calendar events will be detailed with information about the traffic on the road and the duration of the trip.

Spotlight locations

Absolutely all locations of interest are marked with a specific color. This way you can find what you were looking for in a more efficient and fast way. For example, hospitals are red, shopping malls are yellow and parks are green.

3D view

Apple offers options for viewing in two dimensions or in three dimensions. Using the 3D view gives you a general idea of ​​what the place you are going to be going to be. Although it is not a street view like the one offered by Google (maybe the function will soon arrive), it will help you.

Wikipedia Information

When you click on a particular location, the side menu (iPad) or the bottom menu (iPhone) gives you all the information available about the place on Wikipedia.

Make a reservation

In addition, Apple Maps allows reservations in restaurants from the application itself. So you can look for a new restaurant and at the same time make the reservation, it even offers pictures, phone numbers, TripAdvisor reviews and if you allow payments via Apple Pay.

Via | Mashable

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