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Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Augmented reality will allow a zombie attack

The final update of Apple's iOS 11 is just weeks away, and as the release date approaches, developers have been experimenting with ARKit, the augmented reality toolkit that Apple is incorporating into the operating system .

We already know that ARKit will work with a wide range of applications, from games to utilities to shopping , and the latest demos below give us an even better picture of what our iPhone and iPad will be capable of once ARKit-based apps are available to the public.

In the first video, a company called Kabaq shows virtual food on a plate , which is how applications for food orders in the future could take advantage of ARKit. Using the Apple feature, restaurants will be able to give customers a 3D look at what different dishes look like.

In a second video, ARKit is used to paint and sculpt , with developer Fabin Rasheed modeling a sculpture using the Apple pen on the iPad. Its application, MakerStudio, is designed to allow users to create 3D objects and then paint them all using augmented reality.

A third video for an upcoming game called ARZombi shows how ARKit could be used in an ultra realistic game of augmented reality. In the demo, virtual zombies are shown invading the living room of a person using ARKit.

An ARKit world-building game has also been shown earlier this month, further demonstrating the kind of games that will be possible with Apple's augmented reality tools . In the game, players control a world at a table populated with somewhat strange villagers.

Finally, an upcoming game of virtual pets that is currently undergoing testing gives us a glimpse of what could be a popular category of ARKit application, Tamagotchi style apps, where a virtual pet is introduced into the real world.

We are nearing the end of the iOS 11 beta testing period . Apple is likely to release a Golden Master version of iOS 11 on the iPhone event day, which is rumored for September 12, followed by an official iOS 11 release a few days before the new iPhone models come out. sale.

When the final versions of iOS 11 are, we will begin to see the first applications of ARKit in the App Store. Do you want to enjoy them? We wait for you in our next article and do not forget to comment.

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