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Thursday, 10 August 2017

Best Jailbreak Apps and Tweaks for iPhone 2017

After several weeks of waiting, the jailbreak of iOS 10.3.2 and iOS 11 is already a reality , so as always, then we leave you a complete tutorial so you can carry out the whole process in the easiest and fastest way possible.

Of course, how it happened in the day with the jailbreak of iOS 10.3.2 and iOS 11, you have to take into account several factors, so from here I ask you if you do not meet the requirements do not continue with the process, as it will give error and so The only thing you will get is to have to restore your device.

Best Jailbreak Apps and Tweaks for iPhone (August 2017)

colorflow 3

ColorFlow is one of my personal favorite tweaks for the Music app. It automatically colorizes the Now Playing interface of the Music app based on the dominant color of the song’s artwork. It changes the colors of the music controls, metadata texts, the background, and so on.

The best part of this tweak is that the UI elements blend in together very nicely even after they are colored. Apart from the Music app, the tweak supports the Spotify app and works on the Lock screen as well.

Price: $1.99

Acapella III

Acapella III brings an interesting concept to the Music app. It gets rid of the music control buttons and replaces them with gesture-based controls. The tweak offers a number of gestures which you can use to perform music related actions, such as play/pause the song, switch to the previous or the next track, enable shuffle or repeat, adjust the volume, heart a song, and much more.

The tweak comes with an option called “Vanish” which when enabled, hides all the music controls to bring a minimal look to the Now Playing interface. Acapella III works with the Lock screen, Control Center, and the stock Music app.

Price: $2.99


If you love haptic feedback, then you’re going to enjoy this tweak. Harp brings haptic feedback to the iOS Music app such that when you press any of the music controls, you’ll feel a haptic vibration. It works with most music controls, such as play/pause buttons, volume slider, previous and next buttons, and more. It also works in Control Center.

Price: Free


One feature that I’ve always wanted to see in the Music app is the ability to start a song from where I left off. MusicMark is a tweak that finally brings this feature to the Music app.

The tweak remembers the exact position where a song was stopped so that the next time you start playing, it will begin from that position without forcing you to start over. This is useful in cases when your iPhone resprings randomly while you’re listening to a song.

Price: Free


If you use Touch ID on your iPhone, then LockGlyphX is a jailbreak tweak that you should definitely give a try. It makes your Lock screen fancier and “cooler” by adding the Apple Pay fingerprint glyph to the bottom of the screen.

As you place your finger on Touch ID to unlock your iPhone, the glyph animates to provide visual cues. It slowly fills up and turns into a check mark before your device is unlocked.

Price: Free

Spin (iOS 10)

Spin redesigns the music interface on the Lock screen that looks completely different than the original design. It turns the UI elements into circular shapes. For instance, it changes the album artwork into a circular dial, with the playhead wrapped around it.

Price: $0.99

Don’t Stop the Party!

This is one of the most innovative tweaks that I’ve ever come across for the Music app. Normally, when you’re listening to music and your iPhone resprings, the music is automatically stopped until the respring completes, after which you have to manually replay the song.

This is extremely annoying when you’re in the middle of an exciting jam and get interrupted by a respring. The tweak solves this problem by allowing the song to continue to play even during a respring. This means that your song will no longer get interrupted by random resprings.

Price: Free

ColorFlow 3

ColorFlow is another interesting tweak for your Lock screen that customizes the Now Playing interface. Whenever there is music playing on your iPhone, the tweak changes the color of the Now Playing interface to the dominant color of the song’s artwork. This means that every song will have a unique Now Playing interface.

The best thing about the tweak is that it colorizes the UI elements in such a way that they blend in together very nicely.

Price: $1.99


This is one of the hidden gems that you won’t find in any of the default Cydia repos. Normally, when you plug in your iPhone to the charger, you’ll see the charging screen which shows an image of a battery with the amount that is left. Glancharger redesigns the charging screen by displaying the battery level as dots and it also shows a large clock on the screen.

Price: Free


Temporal is one of my favorite tweaks that always come in handy. The tweak allows you to view the time in different cities directly from the Lock screen. All you have to do is to swipe the Lock screen clock to view the time in different cities.

The tweak displays the world clock based on the cities added to the Clock app. If you wish to add a new city, you’ll have to add it to the Clock app first and it will automatically get added to the Lock screen.

Price: $1.15

DisplayWeather 10

If you tend to check the weather condition of your city frequently, then you’re going to love this tweak. It adds weather information to the widgets page on the Lock screen and Notification Center, which appears right next to the clock. It shows things such as the current temperature and the state of the weather (Sunny, Rainy, etc).

Price: Free


This is another tweak for the weather that replaces the background of your Lock screen with the animated wallpaper that is displayed in the stock Weather app. The wallpaper changes dynamically based on the current weather condition of your city.

Price: $0.99


If you’re fond of haptic feedback, then you should check out TapticPasscodeButtons. As the name implies, this tweak brings haptic feedback to the passcode buttons on the Lock screen. So every time you press a passcode key, you’ll feel the haptic vibration.

Price: Free

Spin (iOS 10)

Spin redesigns the music interface on the Lock screen that looks completely different than the original design. It turns the UI elements into circular shapes. For instance, it changes the album artwork into a circular dial, with the playhead wrapped around it.

Price: $0.99


Many of you might prefer to read lyrics while listening to songs. Unfortunately, the Music app doesn’t have a built-in feature for displaying lyrics automatically. While there are third-party apps that do this, none of them integrate with the Music app.

MusiLyric is a jailbreak tweak that is capable of fetching the lyrics of the song you’re listening to and can show it within the Music app. All you have to do is to tap on the song’s artwork in the Now Playing interface and the tweak will fetch its lyrics and display it.

Price: Free


WidPlayer is an interesting music tweak that displays a floating music widget that can be viewed from anywhere in iOS. The widget displays music controls, metadata information, volume slider, as well as the music scrubber. While this is a very useful tweak, the user interface needs a little more work as it doesn’t look so good. It feels as if the UI elements have been cramped into the small widget.

Price: Free

(All 64bit Devices Below i7 models)
iPhone 6
iPhone 6+
iPhone 6s 
iPhone 6s+
iPhone 5s
iPad Mini 2
iPad Pro
iPhone SE

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