Clothing with pockets for AirPods, the rarest (and useful) you will see today -


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Saturday, 5 August 2017

Clothing with pockets for AirPods, the rarest (and useful) you will see today

The originality of the people will never cease to amaze us. One day you may be getting something new and innovative that you have never seen before and another suddenly you have something without which you could not live.

Today this applies to fashion, I am not talking about eccentric catwalks full of absurd clothes to inspire designers. We are talking about a really useful clothing , something that at first will make you think: "What a nonsense" but if you got to use it you would realize how immensely useful it is.

The clothes I'm talking about are not unlike any normal garment, but it has an interesting detail. This is a clothing collection that has built-in pockets for Apple's Air Pods . As you have read, it has pockets specifically designed for Apple wireless headsets.

Stone Island's new collection

This collection of clothes from Stone Island's hand can be a new fashion concept, this daring idea they had is of those typical things that you use once and you can not live without them. Of course, it should be noted that these clothes are not cheap , a simple sweater that incorporates these pockets costs a whopping $ 370 and a winter cap reaches $ 115.

Undoubtedly, it is a new concept of fashion that combines with utility. The idea of ​​this is not bad at all, we are talking about adding something to where to store a very valuable object and knowing that we will always have it there - if they do not fall -.

Anyway, personally I would not give too much use to those new pockets and I would save the price that these gifts are worth. Keep in mind that the Air Pods have their own case, which also keeps them loaded . Without a doubt, it is best to keep the Air Pods in their case, and they will remain protected.

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