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Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Could Apple delete iTunes at once, please?

Apple's iTunes platform was already there long before the iPhone and the iPad. The Cupertino company introduced it on January 9, 2001, when the music scene was seriously threatened by Napster.

At first, after its initial release, iTunes was a music playback service. I did not have an online store to buy. However, now, users can buy music, books, applications, movies ... Everything from iTunes.

But iTunes has a serious problem. The organization of its multimedia content is horrible, terrible. It has always been. Apple should aim to completely change its operation, or remove the software definitely.

ITunes, as software, is simple yet confusing

How many times have you made a mess by trying to sync the photos and videos from your iPhone and iPad to your PC or Mac from iTunes? You are not the only one. ITunes software is not only poorly organized, but is also not very functional .

Also, who needs to have each and every one of the repeated photos in the PC / Mac folders and in the iPhone / iPad albums ...? What's the point of that? But worst of all, if you do not synchronize each and every one of the contents, you will not be able to explore the contents of iTunes without connecting your iPhone / iPad.

By the way. Is there anyone downloading "TV Shows" on iTunes? There are many categories of this software that should disappear ipso-facto.

For goodness sake, we even need tutorials to add songs as ringtone on the iPhone. It will be possible ...!

Is there room for iTunes in a world dominated by streaming music?

But iTunes has an even more serious problem, the music industry. It seems that consumption tends to focus on an era of cloud services . Streaming music platforms like Spotify and Apple Music are dominating the market, and iTunes has no other way to renew or die.

At least, thanks to third-party companies users who use Apple products we have the possibility to use alternatives to iTunes quite interesting ...

It's hard to imagine what Apple can do with iTunes coming to this point. Perhaps, most naturally, would be to merge iTunes with the App Store and Apple Music , creating new software worthy of the elegance and minimalism of Apple. With a user interface much more organized and, of course, more functional.

Via | Forbes

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