Do not have an iPad Pro but want to use Apple Pen? This is your solution -


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Thursday, 10 August 2017

Do not have an iPad Pro but want to use Apple Pen? This is your solution

Many still have an iPad Air 2, an iPad this year or an iPad mini. There is no problem with having these devices, however, when leaving the iPad Pro surely we are looking forward to using the Apple Pen on our iPad . But we have a solution, since the company Wacom decided to create a ballpoint pen for iPad with sensors of pressure, position, etc. However, this pen differs greatly from the Apple Pen.

Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus

The Wacom pen differs from the Apple pen mainly because the magic is not on the iPad screen. The device is completely responsible for processing the position of the device and the controls you press to send it to the iPad , so you do not need the iPad ready for it.

Of course, there are many more differences and certainly the Apple Pen would win if we were to compare their functions. This pen is not as ready as its Apple competition , however it can be a perfect fit if we do not plan to renew the iPad soon but we want an Apple Pen.

Buy the pen

And now comes the interesting thing. This device can usually be purchased for the hefty sum of 98 euros. A price very similar to the Apple Pen. However, we have managed to find this stylus reconditioned by Wacom for only 15.90 euros . An incredibly high price drop compared to its normal price.

Buy Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus at Amazon for 15.90 euros

Recall that a refurbished product is a product that has been purchased, used and returned. But Wacom certifies that this product has been tested and inspected to ensure that both aesthetic and functional , the device will look like a new product. It also includes a one-year warranty.

In short, if you want an Apple Pencil that can work on your normal iPad, this pen will save you . It may not have the features of the Apple device, but will provide many very similar.

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