Do not know what series to see tonight? This app knows what you'll like -


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Monday, 21 August 2017

Do not know what series to see tonight? This app knows what you'll like

On these summer dates, many of us take vacations to rest for a whole year of effort and work. Of course, there is nothing better than going somewhere for vacation. Well, actually there is something better: stay cool home and hang out doing something we like, like seeing a series .

Which series should you watch? The first thing that happens to me in the head when I think a new series to begin to see is: "Too many." Today there are few series, all promise to be very good and all are recommended by someone . The problem is that if we were given a choice between two sets it would surely be a quick decision, but we have hundreds if not thousands of sets to choose from. We all know that seeing a series requires commitment, so it's not something that should be taken lightly.

On the other hand, if you are very fanatical about watching series online, it is also possible that you have seen so many that you do not believe that anything can surprise you already . When you have seen "the best" you no longer expect that anything can overcome it, however, you may be wrong.
The application that knows what you want to see

Surprising, surreal, incredible ... Think what you want, but we have found an application capable of telling you what you want to see. The app I'm talking about is called Buaala . This application has a feature that will save you the most boring afternoons of August and those of any day of the year . The characteristic of which I speak is the recommendation of new series to see.

Yes, yes, you will be thinking that he will recommend random nonsense to you to think that it is working, but that he is not really going to teach you things that interest you. It is not like that at all. As soon as you see it in action you will realize how well it works, since the algorithm that Buaala uses to recommend the next thing you want to see is based on artificial and collective intelligence . This algorithm collects all your information and that of your friends to suggest the next thing you're going to love. We talked about an algorithm that has been in development for years, unlike its second screen competitors.

Something to note is that it does not only work with series. In fact, if you're more of a movie (as a server), Buaala will also recommend movies . As with the series, the application will find a perfect movie based on your tastes.

The thing does not end here, since you can indicate to Buaala the free time you have. This means that you can enter at what time you will be available to watch a series or movie and Buaala will find what you want to see at that moment . Without a doubt, the excuse of "I have no time" will no longer be valid with Buaala since this will make you take full advantage of your free time to see what you like.
In better company

Because if it is with friends, better, right? Buaala can find what you're going to like, of course, but you can also find what you and your friends will like. If you want to start watching a series together, a movie in a group or even a feature film on the cinema billboard, Buaala will find the right thing for everyone to enjoy a good time . In addition, it offers us the possibility to choose the friends with whom we want to see the series or film, nobody will see anything they do not want to see.

In short, with the recommendation of new series of Buaala, we will never stay without a series or movie to see. Buaala will always have something to offer us when we do not have anything to do , just as it is able to offer us merchandising of the series that we like more or, soon, plans to leave home . So, if you are a seriéfilo or a cinephile and you never know what to see, you already have a new best friend, Buaala.

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