Do not miss this video of the new iPhone in production -


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Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Do not miss this video of the new iPhone in production

Every day that passes until we get to the next KeyNote in September is one more question. There have been numerous reports from reliable sources saying that the new iPhone 8 will not have Touch ID on display and that's what makes the new video that leaked today is so disconcerting .

This newly filtered video has been posted on the Chinese microblogging site Weibo and allegedly shows a factory worker in China testing the Touch ID scanner on Apple's new iPhone 8. The scanner on the phones shown in the video is clearly mounted on the back of the phones , and you can check how the operator is checking that the Touch ID is working properly.

In the video, the test station is labeled "Black Mesa", which is actually the Apple code name for the Touch ID. The equipment seems to be real and functional , and it also seems to be verifying tactile identification functionality when the operator places his finger on a scanner mounted to the rear.

We can also see a dual rear facing vertically on the back of the phone. It could be that the video could show the iPhone 7S Plus , but Apple will surely use the same design on this phone, so the rear cameras should be configured as they are on the iPhone 7 Plus.

Unfortunately, there is no conclusive answer that leads us to say that it is indeed the iPhone 8 or the iPhone 7S. Supposedly the iPhone 8 will not carry tactile identification on the back . Is this an old video that shows someone testing a very primitive prototype of the iPhone 8? We do not know yet, but it is relevant that it has filtered. However, we will continue to inform you of any new developments that may occur to take you there.

And what do you think of him? True or false? Is it an iPhone 8 or an iPhone 7S? We wait for you in comments .

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