Do you want to see the new and interesting emojis for 2018? -


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Friday, 4 August 2017

Do you want to see the new and interesting emojis for 2018?

While new Unicode 10 emojis have yet to be released, Unicode President Mark Davis revealed that a collection of new emojis have been added as "preliminary candidates" for their possible Unicode 11 release in 2018. The news came At the quarterly meeting of the Unicode Technical Committee, and then the Unicode Consortium will decide on the list of final candidates at its Q4 2017 meeting in October , and will later name the new characters at a meeting in Q1 2018.

The 67 new characters proposed for inclusion in Unicode 11 are the smiley face with three hearts, another with a party hat, the blue face with icicles, the smiley face with OK as eyes and a new poof with surprise face .

There are also, among others, a kangaroo, a cupcake, a flame, a bagel, a broom, a skateboard and the serious face with eye mask and cape. Since Unicode 11 is still so far from its release, the list of its included characters and their designs are subject to possible changes.

This is what Burge has made known in his Twitter account, making known these potential candidates.

Apple did not specify a date for the release of the 10 characters of Unicode, but should appear in the public debut of iOS 11 or soon thereafter. Traditionally, Apple takes a few months to include support for new emoji. Last year, the Unicode Consortium launched Unicode 9 in June 2016, and then Apple pulled out these characters on iOS 10.2 in October 2016 .

Do you normally use these emoticons? Which lack would you like to include? Write it and let it know in comments, who knows if it could soon be included.


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