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Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Does Apple treat its customers like sheep?

Today we talk about something that floats in the environment of the technological world, and is neither more nor less the feeling that many people have about whether Apple treats its audience like sheep, sheep or legion of fanboys . We are going to throw some keys from them, so join us.

The Apple company has always had a visible head, Steve Jobs. His untimely death in 2011 made his figure a myth, although it was already in life. Jobs, and this is beyond doubt, was a visionary, a person with a gift and a leadership capacity out of the ordinary .

Those of Cupertino have always had a very careful brand image, they have projected a perception of themselves impeccable, attractive, although I would not say exclusive. Fortunately anyone can access an iPhone or iPad (or a BMW, that's what financials are for). It is probably the majority who "bite the apple" and no longer wants anything else.

Now we must ask ourselves how are Apple products? It is obvious that they are products of the highest quality, with a design and a barbaric finishes, that work very well and are simple to use. Besides that, they are always easy to sell in the second hand market, they lose less value than other brands and there will always be someone who wants to buy one. Mention in addition is your technical service and how the guarantee works in case of problems. You can have your iPad battered on a Tuesday and Thursday already have one back.

So does Apple treat its customers like sheep? I understand, and it is a personal opinion, not. It is a brand that pampers those who have bought some of their products, in my case and when I have had a problem, the answers have always satisfied me in a positive way.

Are there Apple customers who behave like sheep? Without a doubt . Users who do not see beyond and do not recognize the achievements of other brands, clients that do not have critical sense and are thrown to everything without criterion. People who make a queue of two nights to have before anyone else a gadget. And what is worse, customers who spend what they do not have in buying a device of which they will use a scarce 25% of their potential. That is to say, having an iPhone 7 Plus to continue making bad pictures, send WhatsApp and not know the existence of FaceTime, iMessage or share files by AirDrop. With them, Apple and anyone else have made their August.

What is your opinion about it? Are you disagreeing or not? We would love to see it written in comments.

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