Does the music volume of your iPhone fall short? Try this trick. -


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Sunday, 13 August 2017

Does the music volume of your iPhone fall short? Try this trick.

If you are one of those music lovers who lives hooked to the iPhone, their headphones and Spotify and / or Apple Music, surely you have ever felt that the volume of the iPhone simply falls short : it does not give you the power you need for that song. And eye, this happens to us equally with helmets than with loudspeakers or the device to dry: sometimes simply is not enough. Calm down, I think it happened to us all at some point. But of course, you will think that there is nothing left to accept the maximum and sharpen the ear. Bad mistake.

We have an infallible trick to increase the volume and also works for both iPhone and iPad. Read on because surprisingly, it works.

How to increase the volume of music on your iPhone

1) The first thing you will have to do is go to the Settings icon on your desktop.

2) Scroll through your large menu until you find "Music" and tap on it.

3) Select EQ. You will see that by default it is disabled. It is the equalizer, which adjusts the frequencies of the sound in the hi-fi devices, in this case your iPhone or iPad, amplifying the low frequencies and attenuating the highs to achieve a better signal-to-noise ratio.

4) You will notice that there is a lot, you can try it because maybe some like "Rock" or "Latin" will adjust better to the rhythm of your type of music. But in short, if what you want is to sound more, click on the "Sonora" option to activate it.

And that's it. Surprisingly this option will give a boost to the volume of the songs you listen to . Try it and you will see the difference. However, remember that the volume of the devices are designed not to damage our hearing, which is recommended to listen to music at a suitable volume.

Via | IDropNews

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